The rapid, self priming WEBTROL Shallow Well Jet Pump is truly a multi purpose pump for your home, farm, commercial or industrial use.


WEBTROL Shallow Well Jet Pumps can be used in a couple of different ways. The shallow well jet pump is the industry workhorse. These pumps are used whenever there is a need for a pump with a suction lift capability of 25 feet or less, such as; water wells or cisterns that are 25’ or less in depth for a home or cabin; lift stations that are needed to raise water to higher elevations; booster pumps for misting operations in poultry houses or other commercial or irrigation applications. The uses are limitless.



Features And Benefits

• Self Priming... to 25 feet


• Pressure Switch... 30/50 included with each unit.


• Pump Case... Oversized case with easier priming. Anti-rust prime coat is on all internal  surfaces to resist corrosion.


• Impeller & Diffuser... Glass filled for dimensional stability and excellent sand handling capabilities.


• Mechanical Seal... Stainless steel with Buna N rubber bellows.


• Motor... Available in 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP.  All units are square flange, open drip proof design, with thermal overload protection.



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