Features And Benefits

• Available in both Stainless Steel and Cast

  Iron fitted models.

• Heavy duty stainless steel hex shaft with

  stainless steel coupling.

• High strength, glass filled Delrin, polycarbonate

  or Noryl impellers, precision machined for

  dimensional stability and efficiency.

• Injection molded polycarbonate or Noryl

  diffusers with molded in stainless steel wear

  rings at all critical wear points.

• Heavy wall stainless steel pump housing


EZ-Series Booster (G & H Series)

G-Series EZ-Booster

1/2 thru 3 HP

Up to 40 GPM / 330 PSI

H-Series EZ-Booster

1/2 thru 5 HP

Up to 40 GPM / 500 PSI


NEED A VFD for this pump?