The WEBTROL VN Series Non-Clog submersible wastewater pumps are designed / manufactured for the most demanding commercial / industrial applications.  The single channel, open impeller allows a full 3” spherical solid to pass through it, preventing clogging.  The WEBTROL VN Series Non-Clog is for use in municipal lift stations, wastewater treatment facilities, as well as commercial / industrial wastewater applications.


- Capacities up to 800 GPM

- Heads up to 76’ TDH

- Solids handling capacity 3”

- Discharge size: 4” flange / 4” NPT elbow

- Motor data: 3hp - 10hp, 3 phase, 230/460 Volt

- Rated speed: 1750 RPM (4 pole)

- Oil filled motor continually lubricates bearing and dissipates heat

- 104 degrees F. (Continuous), 140 degrees F. (Intermittent)

- Double mechanical seal..... silicon carbide / silicon carbide (primary)

                                                carbon / ceramic (secondary)

- Max immersion depth of 26’

- Available in prepackaged basins



VN Non-Clog Brochure

VN Non-Clog Operation Manual