The WEBTROL Stainless Steel Self Priming Centrifugal Pump is the professionals choice when it comes to a self priming centrifugal that has a suction lift of 25’. In many applications it is not possible to install the pump below the water line of the fluid being pumped, to provide a gravity flow into the pump. The WEBTROL stainless steel, self priming centrifugal pump is designed to be installed above the water line where a suction lift would be required.


These versatile and reliable pumps offer a superior alternative to standard cast iron jet or centrifugal pumps.


To insure that you have no problems at startup and thought the operation of the pump, every complete pump is thoroughly water tested for performance, electrical draw. noise and vibration.



Features / Specifications


Features and Benefits

• Close Coupled for smooth transmission of power.


• 304L Stainless Steel pump case, motor bracket and impeller.


• Centerline Discharge provide maximum resistance to misalignment.


• Non-Overloading Motor rated for continuous duty throughout the entire operating range.


• High Operating Efficiency over a wide range of capacities.


• Back Pullout Design for ease of servicing the pump without disturbing the piping system.


• Mechanical Seal for maximum reliability and economic value.


Typical Services

• Home drinking water systems

• Deionized Systems

• Reverse Osmosis Systems

• Distribution Systems

• Misting Systems

• Car Wash Systems

• Liquid Transfer Systems

• Circulation Systems

• Pre-Filter Charge System

• Condensation Systems

• Cooling Tower Systems



Capacities to 19 GPM

Heads to 180’


NEED A VFD for this pump?