The WEBTROL Stainless Steel Series Sump Pumps offer you a complete comprehensive range of submersible drainage pumps for pumping slurry, dirty and semi-dirty water.


Never before have benefits this big been offered in a drainage pump. The versatility and rugged construction of these pumps allow for confident use in fixed or mobile service with either automatic or manual operation.


This efficient, versatile and reliable pump is ideally suited for many industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential pumping applications. Applications such as basement sumps, flat roofs, boats, loading docks, swimming pools, fountains, dewatering and water transfer.



Features / Specifications



• 304 Stainless Steel Construction


• Built in thermal overload with automatic reset


• Air filled, continuous duty rated motor


• Oil lubricated double faced mechanical seal


• 10’ Power cord on single phase models, 20’ cords on three phase models.





• Removal of waste water from sumps, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns.


• Quickly removes water from  swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and other water storage structures.


• Removes water from excavation ditches or pits, underground passages, mines, grain elevators, farm tanks, cooling towers, parking

lot drainage pits.


• Create decorative waterfalls and fountains or other water projects throughout the garden.


• Wherever you need to move water from one place to another.