Features / Specs



Features And Benefits

• Close Coupled design saves space and simplifies maintenance and installation.


• Centerline Discharge ensures maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion caused by the piping connections.


• Back Pullout design allows for maintenance of impeller and mechanical seal without removal of suction/discharge piping.


• High Operating Efficiencies over a wide range of capacities which lowers operating cost.


• Mechanical Seals and case o-rings are of high quality materials for standard pumping requirements. Optional high temperature and chemical resistant are available.

Typical Services

• Pressure Boosting

• Ultrapure Water Systems

• Deionized Systems

• Distribution Systems

• Pharmaceutical Services

• Water Reclamation

• Sprinkler And Irrigation

• General Pump Applications

• Beverage Processing


• Parts Washers

• Cooling Towers

• Jockey Pump

• Liquid Transfer

• Heat Exchangers

• Car Wash

• Spray systems

• Scrubbers

• Poultry



Capacities to 600 GPM

Pressures to 120 PSI


The WEBTROL Pro-Stainless Steel Series Centrifugal are designed for dependable performance and rugged continuous duty service.


When you need a corrosion and erosion resistant pump, the Pro-Stainless Steel Centrifugal line of pumps from WEBTROL is your logical choice.


These pumps are guaranteed tough, engineered for the professional and built for lasting performance and value.


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