Group Curves



Precision machined, cast 304 stainless steel discharge head provides a smooth flow transition with a minimum amount of restriction. Includes a built in check valve and cast rope loop.


An enclosed urethane bearing, mounted in the polycarbonate top diffuser, offers excellent resistance to abrasives.


Injection molded polycarbonate diffuser plates offer smoothness and high efficiency with high impact resistance.


Glass reinforced Noryl impellers offer high strength and optimal abrasion resistance without sacrificing the smoothness, efficiency, and balance associated with other types of injection molded



The stamped 304 stainless steel bowls are corrosion and abrasive resistant.


Heavy duty 304 stainless steel, cold drawn, hex shaft, produced to rigid standards of straightness and precise length.


304 Stainless steel shaft coupling, secured to the pump shaft

provides superior corrosion resistance.


Thick wall, 304 stainless steel seamless pump housing accurately aligns the entire assembly while eliminating deterioration due to water conditions or electrolysis.


Precision machined, cast 304 stainless steel motor bracket fits all NEMA 4” submersible motors.


304 Stainless steel intake screen.


A 304 stainless steel cable guard protects motor leads from

abrasion and cutting.


WEBTROL WT Series pumps offer superior performance and  exceptional resistance to abrasives, due to the floating stack design.


An excellent choice for residential and commercial  applications.



Flows from 5 to 80 GPM.

Heads to 1,100 feet.

HP range: 1/2 - 10 HP, 60Hz


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