WEBTROL is the brand name of a complete line of high quality water pumps, produced by Weber Industries, Inc., one of the last family-owned and managed pump manufacturers in America.


Weber Industries was founded in 1952 by Walter Weber and his father Anthony Weber. Using the trade skills they had acquired as machinist, they started their own machine shop.  Throughout the next decade, Weber Industries participated with various aircraft and space technology firms, providing components, such as the Bilge Pump, for the first U.S. manned satellites and the two initial space vehicles produced by McDonnell Douglas.  Weber received numerous awards from the U.S. Government and various military and space contractors, for quality workmanship and dependability.

In 1963, Walter Weber saw the need for a quality line of pumps, built with the same precision and knowledge that had worked so well for him in the aerospace industry. It was that year that Weber Industries, Inc. begin to design and build the WEBTROL line of pumps.  With the birth of our submersible water well pumps, came the introduction of the pump bearing.  Weber designed a bearing that was incorporated into the top of the diffuser which allowed for sand and debris to be pumped around the bearing, not through it, which dramatically extended the life of the submersible pump.


In 1967, Weber Industries begin to design and build booster pumps for W.W. Grainger, Inc. catalog. This was the start of the Industrial line of pumps we manufacture today. This has continued to grow over the years and now includes a full line of centrifugals booster pumps, single / multistage wastewater pumps as well as all stainless steel groundwater pumps.


Today, Weber Industries has a complete line of pumps which are used in numerous different industries such as Reverse Osmosis, Water Desalinization, City Water Supply / Management as well as Residential Groundwater and Wastewater Treatment.  Our commitment to providing a quality product and unsurpassed customer support continues to set us apart from our competition.