• Where can I get specific product information

    All information on our products is available under the documentation tab.  If further information is required, please contact customer service at 1-800-769-7867.

  • What information is required to return a pump

    Call our customer service department (1-800-769-7867) with specific product / reason for return, as well as the original purchase order or invoice number, pertaining to the product being return


    A return authorization number (RGA) is required prior to returning any product/s and return must be prepaid.  No collect shipments will be accepted.



  • My new pump is not performing up to the performance curve

    Single Phase Pumps

    Contact our technical department at 1-800-769-7867.


    Three Phase Pumps

    Pump could be spinning backwards.  Change two out of the three wires around and retest.  If still not performing, contact our technical department at 1-800-769-7867.


    Other Solutions

    Check for possible restriction in the discharge piping.  Often times during installation, foreign objects accidentally get into the piping and hinder performance.


    Discharge piping may not be the right size for the system, causing higher than expected friction loss.  You can use the "Friction Loss Calculator" under the documentation tab, on the right hand side.


    Verify that the power supply (voltage and wattage) to the pump is sufficient for the way the motor has been wired.


  • Do you sell used or rebuilt pumps

    No, we only sell new, unused pumps.

  • What is your warranty period

    Most of our products come with a one year warranty, from date of manufacture, but please see each products specific warranty, in the warranty section, at the end of the catalog.

  • I can't find your Webtrol product locally

    If you cannot find our product locally, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-769-7867 and we will direct you to the proper company.

  • I lost my rewards program account number

    Due to the fact that once we setup the account for you, it is yours and we don't have access to your account number.  You can contact our awards administrator at 1-877-AWARDHQ (1-877-292-7347) to get your account information.

  • What payments do you accept

    We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard , Discover and American Express), check, approved wire transfers and cash (not via mail).  If you would like to make a payment over the phone, please contact us at 1-877-769-7867 and asked for the accounts receivable department.

  • How do I get setup with credit from Webtrol

    You will need to fill out a credit application, which can be found under the documentation tab, on the right hand side.  The credit application must be signed by a corporate officer or it will not be accepted.

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