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11 Easy Ways to Boost Morale for Better Productivity


Keeping your employees motivated and happy is essential to creating a successful workplace. People not only want a job that is challenging and fulfilling, but also want to enjoy their time at work.


It is important to keep morale high. In fact, happy employees can raise productivity by 30% and accuracy by 19%. So it’s worth creating an atmosphere that boosts morale. Sometimes it’s the little things matter. Recognition, a pat on the back, or a “thank you” can go a long way to keep morale high.


Happy employees are:

• more efficient

• more productive

• more reliable

• less trouble

• less absenteeism

• less likely to leave for another job


Here are 11 ideas that you can use to break up the daily routine and keep your employees happy – and productive:

  1. Conduct an annual team activity such as going bowling, having a company BBQ, attending a ballgame, going to an escape room, riding go-karts, etc.
  2. Buy and deliver lunch to them at the job site
  3. Bring donuts to work
  4. Let them leave early on a Friday or holiday weekend
  5. Celebrate anniversaries and birthdays
  6. Giveaway or raffle tickets to concerts or sporting events
  7. Pass along vendor’s swag
  8. Bring in cookies, sweets, or cold drinks
  9. Meet at a local coffee shop in the morning
  10. Give out a free company t-shirt or hat for a job well done
  11. Start an employee recognition program


Be creative. Try something new once a month. Looking for other ideas to motivate your crew? How to Motivate Employees: 13 Simple Ways goes into detail on the subject..




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