Remote Pressure Monitoring

Monitor water system pressure from your desktop or cell phone and field alerts quickly.


Remote Pressure Monitoring is done by a cellular IoT device designed specifically for pressure sensing and monitoring.


The device collects data at user-defined intervals and transmits the data log to a proprietary IQ2™ computer platform once per day. Various reports are available, as well as trend analysis, threshold alerts, and exporting tools.


The unit installs and configures in minutes, needs no additional power, and is site-configured using a Bluetooth app.

Remote Alarm Monitoring System

The Remote Alarm Monitoring is done by the IQ Pulse-DC-DP, a cellular endpoint (IoT Device) designed specifically for monitoring and alerting commercial and residential water & wastewater treatment systems.


The device collects data at user defined intervals. It constantly monitors for power loss, high float, and most failure mode occurrences. It then sends alerts to a defined group of recipients in the case of a failure with the pumping system, reducing time to respond to overflow or system failure.


Simple onsite configuration using onboard Bluetooth utility.

Webtrol EZ-Pull quick disconnect

EZ-Pull Quick Disconnect

Tired of squeezing into that septic tank or riser to break loose a hard to reach, corroded union with an awkward pipe wrench? Well, you won’t have to anymore with the EZ-Pull Quick Disconnect. It allows for quick removal or installation of a pump and/or floats, without having to lie on the ground and stick your head into a septic tank.


The EZ-Pull has a two piece tapered male and female connection that locks itself into place when you slide the two pieces together.  Injected molded, glass filled thermoplastic with an o-ring that provides a watertight seal even under high head conditions. Available in 1.25”, 1.5” and 2” FPT.


See how the EZ-Pull Works

EZ-Pull Brochure


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Webtrol EZ-Pull quick disconnect
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