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Resources for water well businesses

We've compiled articles and links that might help you in various aspects of your water well or groundwater business. We hope you will find these resources valuable. Check back periodically as we will continue to add more.



The Importance of Contracts for Groundwater Professionals

How to Help Low Income Customers

Offer Your Customers an Installment Plan, and Get Paid In-full

Business Valuation: Is it necessary?



Convincing the Homeowner He Needs a Licensed Professional

How Do I Create Online Content for My Business?

Increase Customer Trust with a Legitimate Email Address

Branding Your Small Business

Your Business Needs an Online Presence

How Search Engines Work, and How to Show Up in the Results

High visibility: Your Rig is a Rolling Advertisement

The Advantages (and Dangers) of Online Reviews



Keep Inventory to Avoid Losing Time and Money

Maximize Your Sales with Ongoing Services


Human Resources

Identifying and Hiring "A" Players

Keep Your Employees from Falling for Email Scams

Do’s and Don’ts of Documenting Employee Disciplinary Action

Know Employee and Employer Rights for Small Businesses

Manage Employee Licenses and Continuing Education

11 Easy Ways to Boost Morale for Better Productivity

Customer Service: First Impressions, Lasting Impressions

The Importance of Hiring Good Workers






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Resources for water well businesses
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