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Identifying and Hiring "A" Players


How do you know you are hiring, or have already hired, the right person? Beyond the application, you need to rely on the “eyeball test” to see if a person is a really great fit for the team.


The really good players will reveal their true worth quickly.


Steve Jobs had a saying, “A players attract “A” players. “B” players attract “C” players,” meaning an “A” player will be attracted to working with other “A” players. They share information and continue to learn and grow together.


So who is an “A Player”?


An “A” player is competent, motivated, and has good people skills. You know you can rely on this person and they will have your back. When the job gets tough, they work harder. When something breaks, they figure out a way to fix it. “A” players are an intelligent, self-starters who are hungry to learn and do more.


You definitely want these guys.


On the other hand, there are “B” and “C” players. Hiring them isn’t necessarily a hiring failure. Many can be coached up to be “A” players.


“B” Players


“B” players are steady workers. They are competent and responsible for doing much of the company’s work. They fly under the radar and get the job done without complaints. They have potential and could possibly become “A” players.


These guys need your attention and an investment in your time.


“C” Players


Some “C” players may be competent enough to do their job, but have no motivation or drive to do more. You may see them as self-serving, arrogant, and aloof and could possible have a negative effect on their co-workers. And more importantly, will need a lot of coaching and very clear direction to keep them on task.


These guys are not worth your time.


Every hire matters, especially in a small business. Even after ongoing guidance and coaching, an underperformer may not have the competence and/or motivation to become an asset to the team, or become an “A” player. Perhaps a position elsewhere would benefit both you and them.


So, beyond the resume or application, remember to keep an eye out for those "A" players. It is the only way to build an "A" team.




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Resources for water well businesses
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