Corrosion Resistant PC Series Pumps

We assemble the corrosion resistant PC Series pumps constructed of high impact, glass reinforced Noryl and 316 stainless steel, with an enclosed type impeller and (Read More)

Water Well & Groundwater Use in the U.S.

Sometimes we take water usage for granted. Where does it come from? Where do we use it? How do we use it? An estimated 41% of the U.S. population depends  (Read More)

Inside Your Centrifugal Pump: Impellers

The impellers inside your centrifugal pump may look very similar, but their performance differs due to their design. Besides the number of impellers stacked in a pump,  (Read More)

When the Pressure Gauge is Not Telling the Whole Story

The plant maintenance supervisor or the water system manager is diagnosing a pump system to ensure everything is operating properly. He notices an apparent  (Read More)

We Salute the Water Well Professionals

We salute the hard working, well trained, and dedicated water well professionals. Most of your customers will never realize the hours of testing and training (Read More)

Webtrol's Easy Sales Order Process

We routinely receive compliments from customers on the how easy it is to order from Webtrol. Our ordering process is, by design, very simple and very efficient. It bypasses typical (Read More)

100% Testing for Quality Assurance

We perform Quality Assurance Testing on 100% of our centrifugal pumps, ensuring that you get your pump as specified. By design, a centrifugal pump is a very simple (Read More)

Injection Molding Our Impellers and Diffusers

At the heart of a centrifugal pump is the impeller and diffuser. We injection mold and machine these critical pump components for ideal performance. As we have done (Read More)

Pipe ID Affects Pressure Loss

Pipe ID (inside diameter) affects pressure loss in water systems and needs to be considered when specifying pipe. It is common in pump sizing to look at friction loss (Read More)

VFDs: More Than Constant Pressure!

Many of us hear the term VFD and automatically think of “constant pressure device”. But the reality is constant pressure is just one benefit available through use of a VFD (Read More)

Finding the Right Pump for Your Application

Finding the right pump for your application can be challenging. We know you are looking for a specific pump tailored to your needs, and we are here to help. Determining (Read More)

Booster Pumps & Boosting Water Pressure

Booster pumps increase water pressure and flow rate in a water system. Pressure boosting is determined by the existing conditions and the demand pressure The desired (Read More)

Submersible Pump Launches Golf Balls

Our demonstration video shows the capabilities of our ½ HP VS5A24 sewage pump. The submerged pump rapidly launches golf balls to the surface! A recessed (Read More)

New Labels with Pump Efficiency Index

The U.S. Department of Energy has instituted the Pump Efficiency Index (PEI). Its goal is to improve the overall efficiency of pumps sold in the U.S. Clean water pumps (Read More)

Webtrol Pump Still Working After 40 Years!

This working water well pump has been submerged at a home in South Carolina since 1979. Now it has been brought to the surface after the new homeowner wanted it (Read More)

Overnight Shipping for a Customer in Dire Need

A large hotel in New York City was in danger of not having water on Thanksgiving due to a failing pump. A potential disaster for sure. So when we received an emergency call (Read More)

7 Reasons Why Companies Choose Webtrol

We know there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing pumps. But there’s more to choosing a pump company than just pumps. That’s why our customer focused (Read More)

Webtrol Rebranded!

We have rebranded Webtrol to signify the shift in our company focus – to be customer-centric. While the old branding focused on our products, our new branding focuses on (Read More)

Choosing Stainless Steel Components for Pumps

The advantages of using stainless steel are obvious in pump manufacturing. Stainless steel is strong, corrosion resistant, has great hot strength, and is (Read More)

Our Quality Began in the Space Program!

Quality workmanship has always been a priority for Weber Industries. That quality was recognized in the 1950s and early 1960s when Weber Industries (Read More)

What is a System Curve?

The System Curve Explained. A system curve is a plot of your pumping system for various flow. The system curve calculates your static conditions, those that exist without (Read More)


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