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Convincing the Homeowner He Needs a Licensed Professional


You’ve run into this numerous times: the homeowner says you are too expensive, and your lead time is too long. So he thinks he can install his pump by himself, or even drill his own well!


It is a lose/lose situation. You lose out on getting the job, he does a shoddy and probably illegal install, and he still may call you later to fix his mess.


He obviously needs some convincing. So we have prepared a flyer you can give to the homeowner listing the reasons why they need a licensed professional to work on their well.


Unfortunately they have little or no idea about:


  • Compliance with local, state, federal regulations
  • Protecting water quality and health
  • Precision of work and understanding of geology, hydrology, engineering
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic skills when something goes wrong
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Insurance requirements and compliance


Feel free to use this PDF to give to your homeowner and help him understand the complexity of the job. Put your company name, logo, and contact information at the bottom so he can contact you.





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Resources for water well businesses
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