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High visibility: Your Rig is a Rolling Advertisement


A company vehicle makes a great advertising opportunity. Let’s face it, whether your rig is sitting in an open field, perched in someone’s yard, or rolling down the road, it gets attention. So using it as mobile billboard is smart.


Your vehicle is a direct reflection of your business. If you are considering having graphics installed on your vehicles, adhere to these best practices:


  • Create a branded look. If you don’t already have a good quality logo, see about having one designed. Customers view businesses with quality logos as more credible and trusting.
  • Be consistent. Use t he same fonts and colors that you use on other marketing pieces such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and website.
  • Keep lettering large and readable. Remember, unless you’re sitting at a stoplight, potential customers will probably be reading the lettering from 30, 50, 100 feet or more.
  • Keep content to a minimum. No one is going to read lengthy text and bullet pointed lists. The idea is to communicate your name, what you do, and how to contact you.
  • Be creative. Sign shops have developed great ways to use graphics and colors to make your message to stand out. Ask them for advice.


Take a look at Vehicle Branding: The Dos and Don’ts. They do a great job of illustrating the right and wrong ways of vehicle graphic design.


There are basically 4 ways to add graphics to your vehicle(s):


Magnetic signs

These are made of vinyl with a magnetic backing. They are flexible, lightweight, adjustable, and

can be removed at any time.


Vinyl lettering

Sign shops can apply vinyl lettering or logos directly to your vehicle. Adhesive vinyl is durable and long-lasting but can get scratched when tree limbs scrape against the side of your truck.


Partial wraps

These are vinyl sheets that adhere to a specific part of your vehicle and look like a custom paint job. They are a great creative choice with colorful high-quality images with visual impact. They can eventually be removed and will not harm the vehicle’s paint.


Full wraps

Full vehicle wraps provide full color vinyl coverage to your truck or trailer with maximum visual impact. They generally cover all four sides of a vehicle and may even extend to the roof and bumpers, and some even use perforated material to cover side and rear windows. And, they actually help shield your vehicle from rocks and road debris damage.




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