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How Do I Create Online Content for My Business?


Creating online content for your business can be an ongoing challenge. Fresh content – articles, photos, case studies, testimonials, etc. – is necessary to stay in front of potential customers. But where do you find it?


If you feel the pain of trying to continually generate content for your website or social media, and not sure where to find it, you’re not alone. You need to be resourceful. Here are a few tips to help you:


• Use testimonials from satisfied customers.

• Show interesting photos or videos while onsite that illustrate your expertise.

• Post case studies from recently completed projects. Include photos and details.

• Highlight an unusual problem you had to overcome to successfully complete a job.

• Share certifications, achievements, anniversaries, or milestones.

• Post colorful sunrise/sunset photos of your rig at the job site, because you don’t work 9 – 5.

• Share an occasional old throwback photo that depicts your company history.

• Thank a co-worker or employee who went the extra mile to get a job done.


For this new content to be seen, you can create a blog or What’s New section on your website, and post to Facebook or other social media platforms regularly.


Besides your potential customers seeing your posts, internet browsers love new content. They continually search websites looking for new material. The more new material they find on your site, the higher your site will rank, giving you more visibility. Linking from your social media will help considerably.







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Resources for water well businesses
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