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Manage Employee Licenses and Continuing Education


The groundwater industry can be a challenging business, both physically and mentally. Keeping your workers informed of safety, regulatory, and technological advances is important for them, and your business. So it’s important that your employees keep their credentials and licenses up-to-date.


It is the responsibility of the employee to update their certifications. But as the company owner or supervisor, you should remind your crew to stay current on their credentials. Keeping a schedule of each employees’ training and licensing status will help, and set reminders for those dates. Timely and friendly reminders could minimize any downtime due to a possible lapse in licensing.


Ask your employees if they need help finding the right classes. Make it easy for them by providing appropriate website links, training calendars, or trade show schedules.


Earning continuing education credits by attending training sessions can be seen as a necessary mandate to many employees. It is easier and maybe more attractive for them to attend qualified seminars at trade shows, or most recently, online.


If your employees need more incentive, consider reimbursing them for costs associated with their training.


Take a look at NGWA State Resources. It shows licensing agencies for geologists, engineers, and contractors, and guidance for engaging an environmental or groundwater consultant, with links to regulatory agencies, groundwater-use summaries, and groundwater-quality reports.


The Pumper’s article Managing Your Employees’ Licensing and Credentials also has more information on the topic.




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Resources for water well businesses
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