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The Importance of Contracts for Groundwater Professionals


Doing business without a contract is a dicey situation. A verbal contract/agreement and a handshake isn’t what it used to be. Though both parties are honest and mean well, we all know things can happen that change the understanding or scope of the project.


A contract serves as a record of the commitment for both parties. It defines the scope of the project in writing and can prevent conflicts. Using a contract will not portray you as distrusting or arrogant. It’s just smart business.


We’ve read numerous stories of frustrated drillers, installers, and dealers that have had projects stop due to misunderstandings. Many times they’re caught wondering what their next step should be: Finish and take a loss on the job? Place a lien on the property? Call a lawyer? Not finish the job…and not get paid?


Protect yourself and your company. Use a contract to help eliminate any confusion and potential conflicts or non-payments. The NGWA is a great resource and provides helpful contracts to help groundwater professionals. Check out their Water Well Drilling Agreement and Water Well Pump Systems Installation Agreement.


If you’re not a member of National Groundwater Association (NGWA), visit the NGWA website to see what resources they offer.



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Resources for water well businesses
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