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Increase Customer Trust with a Legitimate Email Address


Your email address is a basic but critical piece of your business communications. Don’t underestimate its value.


Your business email should reflect your business, not your personal life. When a customer considers sending you an email, they want to know that you are a legitimate company. Deciding to send an email to “” will raise questions about how seriously you take your business. Or it could appear to be spam and remain in their inbox unopened. Sending to something like “” will make them feel more comfortable and give them a better idea who they are communicating with.


Try to include part of your company name or service description in the first part of the email address such as or This will give you a more trusted and professional appearance.


If your company has invested in its own website, you have the best email scenario possible. Your name or department in the first part of the email will suffice because the second half of the address will reflect your business name, such as





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Resources for water well businesses
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