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Keep Inventory to Avoid Losing Time and Money


Having the pump you need when you need it shouldn’t be a coincidence, it should be planned strategy. Keeping a sufficient pump inventory will save you time and money.


Let’s say you get to the job site and find that you don’t have right pump. Driving back to the shop or to the local pump house and back, with the right pump, will cost you precious time. Time you can’t charge to the customer. However, keeping more pumps on your truck increases the odds of already having the right pump on hand. This avoids that time-wasting roundtrip, the additional fuel used, and wear and tear on your truck.


The inventory will also streamline the ordering process. Since you would already have a selection of pumps on hand, you won’t have to call your supplier and wait hours or days for delivery - if you don’t have to pick it up yourself. In fact, replenishing your used stock on a regular basis will ensure you are prepared for the next job.


Keeping a sufficient inventory would solve these common problems and save you time and money. But the cost of keeping a stock of pumps can reduce your cash flow. Our POP Program allows you to keep a pallet of pumps on your warehouse floor, without costing you a dime, helping your cash flow. Check it out.



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Resources for water well businesses
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