Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Systems

Wastewater Treatment Systems

We can provide system components or entire decentralized treatment plants for businesses, small communities, and residential property owners. These systems are durable, environmentally sound, and can be tailored to meet many diverse situations.


In Missouri and surrounding areas we have assisted with countless installations by consulting on the design and engineering and permitting of these onsite systems. We work closely with installers, planners, and municipal agencies throughout the process to ensure systems installs and operates smoothly.


Our Missouri warehouses are located in St. Louis, Lake Ozarks, and West Plains. Our Arkansas warehouse is located in Bella Vista.


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We are the distributor of BioMicrobics products for Missouri. BioMicrobics systems are cost-effective, maximize environmental benefits, and provide opportunities for water reuse, while minimizing life-cycle operation and maintenance costs:


BioBarrier Membrane BioReactor

The BioBarrier® MBR and BioBarrier®-N were the first systems certified for water reuse (NSF/ANSI Std 350, class R) for total blackwater and greywater recycling. BioBarrier MBR system is designed specifically for the unique needs and characteristics of the onsite and decentralized wastewater industry making it the most advanced system on the market. The BioBarrier is capable of reducing BOD and TSS to near undetectable amounts and ammonia to less than 1 mg/l The BioBarrier-N adds an additional anoxic zone to achieve higher Total Nitrogen Reduction for environmentally-sensitive areas.

MicroFAST Wastewater Treatment System

Unobtrusive and dependable, the FAST® system handles variable flows generated from onsite applications. The clean effluent prevents biomat formation and drainfield clogging by reducing BOD & TSS to single digits. This septic technology is very compatible with shallow drip, direct discharge, pressure distribution, spray irrigation, and conventional drainfields.


The BioMicrobics FAST system provides significantly improved nitrification/denitrification performance over traditional systems and exceeding typical effluent requirements for wastewater recycling opportunities or reducing the size of the drainfield with less aesthetic disturbance of property value or system components. It is specifically designed for environments where low nitrogen levels are needed.

RetroFAST Septic System Enhancement

The RetroFAST® wastewater treatment systems are designed in 3 specific sizes for 1 to up to 8 persons living on the property. Ideal for upgrading a conventional septic system where surfacing is present.


The BioMicrobics FAST systems provide the features of the MicroFAST but can be installed in a conventional septic tank.

Case Studies

Nitri-FAST® Septic System Enhancement

The NitriFAST® is designed to meet high levels of nitrogen reduction for systems where ammonia levels cannot be met in other treatment with direct discharge into lakes, streams and lagoons or properties with higher levels of ammonia.


The NitriFAST systems provide high nitrification/denitrification performance above traditional systems. The fundamental design of NitriFAST is based on the same Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT®) as MicroFAST® and HighStrength FAST® and is used as a secondary nitrification device to attain low ammonia and total nitrogen.

SaniTEE® Effluent Screening Device

This easy to install/maintain effluent filter screening device reduces suspended solids from being discharged from septic tanks by promoting natural sedimentation and excludes gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe.


As sewage enters the septic tank, grease, oils and light weight particles rise to join the scum layer at the water surface. Heavier solids settle to the bottom to join the sludge layer. In between these layers is a zone of relatively clean effluent. This effluent enters the side of the SaniTEE screen, passing through the angled slots. Clarified effluent then travels up through the inside of SaniTEE and out through patented keyhole weirs to discharge via the standard outlet piping. As solids come in contact with the smooth vertical surface of the screen, they tend to slough off, falling back into the septic tank, instead of collecting inside the filter housing.


The Sanitee has a unique cleaning system that allows the filter to be cleaned without removal the filter from the tank, thus retaining solids during the cleaning process.

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Wastewater and Septic Products

In addition to our onsite systems, we carry a complete line of wastewater and septic products. We have everything from tanks to tubing, control panels to conduit, from all major brands.

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